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Another 6 mistakes you MUST avoid when training legs and booty!

In this video, I will be guiding you through 6 different leg and butt exercises and common mistakes for these exercises. I will show you how the mistakes usually look and then I will show you the correct technique and movement. By fixing these mistakes you will not only become stronger faster and grow more muscles, you will also avoid injuries and will be able to train more and harder.

Full workout with reps and sets:

1. Squats 4set x 10-15reps
2. Leg press 4set x 10-12reps
3. Stiff deadlift 3set x 10reps
4. Pull through 3set x 15reps (2sec squeeze in the top)
5. Sumo squat on bench 4set x 10reps (2sec squeeze in the top)
6. Donkey Kicks 4set x 20reps /leg

Information about the workout errors and how to avoid them:

1. Squats – some common mistakes when squatting is to bend over your back so that the pressure is on your back instead of your legs. Another mistake is that you do a dip with your booty. Instead, we want to have a straight back and a controlled movement. Stand shoulder wide, and if you want you can learn the technique without weights, to begin with.

2. Leg press – avoid having your feet and knees like a “V”, don’t lock out your knees when pressing up and last don’t tilt up your lower back when pressing at the start. To do it correctly, place your feet and knees at the same angle/line. Press slowly and controlled, have your lower back and booty pressed at the seat.

3. Stiff deadlifts – When performed wrong you might have straight knees and legs and a bent back, which means the back is doing most of the lifting. We don’t want this, instead, we want to bend our knees and legs slightly, keep a straight back during the whole exercise and let our hamstrings work.

4. Cable pull through – the most common mistake for this exercise is doing it too fast with no control. To do it right: stand shoulder wide, slightly bend your knees and a straight back once again. Pull up the weights in a controlled movement and squeeze the weights with your glutes at the top.

5. Sumo squats with a weight, standing on a bench – A wrong performance might be when you perform the exercise with a bent back and your knees are pointing inwards. To do it correctly: Point your toes a bit outwards to the sides, lock your back in a straight position. Press from the heels and upwards to really target the glutes. Once again, squeeze the booty at the top of the exercise.

6. Donkey kicks – A typical mistake is to swing up your legs which pressures your lower back quite a bit. Instead, we want to do it correctly and do slow and strict repitions. Lock your lower back, keep it still and just move your legs by working the glutes.

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